Picture of Lalena standing on cliff with lighthouse in backgroundForwardrobe came into fruition in 2013 and has since gone through a few iterations. It is a wardrobe inventory tool meant to make the most out of all the clothes you own, using the following tactics:

  1. Reminding you at a glance (and scroll) of what exactly you have in your closet! Even that cute little tank top you bought in 2008 and might not have otherwise worn since then, due to mere forgetfulness (possibly having to do with the dreaded “back of the drawer” syndrome).
  2. Categorizing by whatever your heart desires! From the basic color (example: burgundy) or type (example: dresses) to the particular (“crop tops”, “dressy”, “summer”, “winter”). The sky’s the limit.
  3. Using filtering options to allow you to view clothing matching all or any of your selected criteria/categories, for instance seeing what long sleeve tops you have that are blue and also striped, or just viewing a bunch of categories mixed together all at once (example: all brown items, all pants, and all sleeveless tops if you choose those options).
  4. Being able to brainstorm outfits/pairings as a result of using the features above.


What functionality are you relying on for the main inventory display (galleries/filtering/lightbox)?
I use a premium (paid) plugin called Essential Grid. While it’s a little more bulky than I would wish, I haven’t found anything that comes close as far as being able to tackle my objectives in wardrobe organization, management, and browsing. A shoutout and thanks to the Essential Grid team!

Do you have plans to turn this into a mobile app?
At the moment my resources to achieve exactly what I would want in an app for this concept are limited, so no plans for now.

Where do you get your images (or how do you take them)?
My images come from three main sources:

  1. The website of the brand that carries the garment (minority of the images in my collection)
  2. thredUP’s website (majority of the images)
  3. Myself (a lot of the images in my collection, second to thredUP)

For those that came from me, I use a Canon EOS Rebel SL2 and a single light source (Neewer 18″ ring light). I have a flat lay setup using a microphone stand, sandbags, a mic stand/camera adapter, and a white tri-fold foam board that gets the job done, as scrappy as that sounds!