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DressCas: Wide black choker, black and gray three-quarter sleeve top, brown khaki shorts

DressCas: Black scrunchie bow, dressy black lace-trimmed sleeveless top, cream skirt with coral and black detail

DressCas: Dressy gold pleated camisole, dark blue high-low skirt

DressCas: Black and white grid-print ribbon scrunchie, black lacy short sleeve top, black bodycon tank dress (pair with black sandals or black lace-up boots)

DressCas: Layered gold necklace, burgundy floral long sleeve wrap top, black lacy miniskirt

Dressy: Gray sleeveless turtleneck top, black asymmetrical skirt (pair with black sandals)

Dressy: Layered necklace, burgundy floral long sleeve wrap top, black high-rise dressy shorts

DressCas: Denim jacket (optional), dressy white sleeveless top, long black floral skirt

Dressy: Navy blue floral headwrap, subtle silver necklace, sleeveless navy blue jumpsuit

Dressy: Denim jacket, white v-neck t-shirt, classic black velcro skirt

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