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Misc: Classic black velvet choker, black short sleeve crop top, gray Asos skirt

Misc: Denim tuxedo vest, coral printed dress

Laine’s List: Misc: Classic black choker, striped red and white long sleeve crop top, black high-rise dressy shorts (pair with dutch braids + black ankle boots)

Laine’s List: Misc: Navy blue floral headwrap, long gray cardigan, red-orange sleeveless high-low top, high-rise denim shorts

Misc: Subtle silver necklace, knit striped multicolor camisole, navy blue all-purpose shorts (pair with brown lace-up boots)

Laine’s List: Misc: Subtle silver necklace, black floral embroidered sleeveless top, distressed denim shorts

Misc: Long baggy patterned sleeveless top, distressed denim shorts, cuff floral bracelet

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