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Misc: White tank top, black and cream cinched casual pants

Misc: Navy blue floral headwrap, white sleeveless linen button-down top, navy blue all-purpose shorts

Misc: Layered gold necklace, orange floral boho summer dress

Misc: Denim tuxedo vest, dressy white sleeveless top, blue floral skirt

Misc: Taupe lightweight cardigan, California necklace, black bodycon tank dress

Misc: Denim jacket, layered necklace, yellow summer dress

Misc: Knit gray long cardigan, vintage pink tie necklace, short black summer dress

Misc: Layered necklace, denim tuxedo vest, striped yellow sleeveless top, black asymmetrical skirt

Misc: Knit gray long cardigan (or black sleeveless cardigan/vest!), silver capsule pendant necklace, zip-up purple patterned tube top, black high-rise dressy shorts

Misc: Blue jacket, yellow summer dress

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