Hallowardrobe – Old

Costume: Kim Possible | Black long sleeve mock neck crop top, olive jeans (pair with brown belt and black shoes, and of course dark lipstick on upper lip only)

Classic black choker, knit orange long sleeve crop top, black high-rise skinny jeans

Orange hoodie, purple corduroy pants

Classic black cardigan, purple and black short dress (pair with black lace-up combat boots + even longer black socks)

Classic black cardigan, green sleeveless crop top, purple corduroy pants

Green three-quarter sleeve cardigan, black bodycon tank dress (pair with orange ribbon tie “necklace”)

Green three-quarter sleeve cardigan, orange lace crop camisole, black skinny jeans

Black sleeveless dress with lace detail

Green anorak-style jacket, knit orange long sleeve crop top, purple bodycon skirt with lace detail

Orange and black plaid scarf, dark yellow knit cardigan, black skinny jeans

White dress shirt with black tie, classic black velcro skirt

Classic black choker, black lightweight overall shorts, black and white striped crop sweater

Long knit black cardigan, layered necklace, long orange short sleeve boho dress (pair with black/brown wedge sandals)

Orange and black plaid scarf, black crochet short sleeve crop top, distressed high-rise skinny jeans

Sleeveless black lace cardigan, Hello Kitty Halloween t-shirt, black skinny jeans

Purple long sleeve henley, orange skirt

Sheer orange patterned short sleeve blouse, yellow skinny jeans

Orange three-quarter sleeve turtleneck, purple bodycon skirt with lace detail

Long knit black cardigan, black and white striped short dress